Xamarin App Development

Planning to go beyond a single operating system. Take your step towards multiplicity with Xamarin app development.

Why Seashore?

Seashore Tech fuels the needs of your business to be present on all platforms simultaneously to improve app visibility & reach with capable Xamarin app development services.

We cover everything from conceptualization to deployment and after with our in-house talent. Our team comprising of superheros and magicians pour their hearts into delivering custom & agile solutions that meet your unique needs.

Going Xamarin way is advantageous

  • Write a single code and share it across the different platforms with Xamarin while keeping the native-like experiences. You can choose from the number of portable class libraries available to write codes
  • Xamarin offers the capabilities of both C# and .Net, which makes it easy to customize and enhance your platform. Not only that, you get to use the best of both worlds to create an awesome app
  • The component store that is available with Xamarin allows you to add the best components, just drag and drop way, to your app.
  • Integration with other apps and solutions is easier with Android as it is open source
  • The time-to-market is accdelerated and the overall development cost is reduced with Xamarin. You don’t need to develop separately for the different platforms, which also reduces the efforts and coding time

The approach that defines us

The approach that defines us

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